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Friday, December 24, 2010

dec 24th the flints

ok, so i'm having technical problems here ! I think i mucked it up by trying to post videos.

Lenny has made a full recovery after his pneumonia and my ankle is better.thanks to all those who prayed.sorry for missing our last blog spot.

Happy christmas to all
I had never heard of this carol before sufjan setvens did a cover version of it,than i heard it on the west wing.(2 american culutural highlights i can recommend)
That is because it is a 19th century american carol. however it perfectly expresses how jesus coming will bring justice to the world

SONG O Holy Night
O Holy Night, the stars are shining brightly,it is the night of our dear saviour's birth....

Surely he taught us to love one another,his law is love and his gospel is peace,
Chains shall he break for the slave is our brother and in his name all injustice shall cease....

Fall on your knees and hear the angels voices,
O night divine, o night that Christ was born....


Muppets Christmas carol-scrooge

This is the video i was trying to post up. check it out on youtube

Whilst we laying on the sofa during our prolonged family illness we watched the muppets verison of this dicknes classic.its very touching how scrogge changes from a mean,greedy,rude person into a generous kind and caring person through a spiritual experience at christmas.

Happy Christmas to all. love the FLINTS xxxx

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