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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 1: Praying Forward

Our family is pretty rubbish at praying together. However, there is one thing that we are quite good at, which is using our 'prayer dice.' This is a wooden cube which has a mealtime grace on each side.

It makes praying at mealtimes fun and the kids can join in because they just have to read a short prayer and don't have to make one up.

So... As we prepare for Christmas, we thought we would share this approach to prayer with you. We have included two pictures for you to download and print out onto A4. One is a blank cube, for you to write your own Advent prayers on; the other has a prayer written by each of the Halls, plus one from a Catholic website. You could have fun guessing which of us wrote which prayer!

Once you have your cube(s), you could use them at mealtimes or bedtime or any time!


The Halls

Great song to research

Go to Youtube and search for O Come O Come Emmanuel. Sufjan Stevens' version is cool, Enya's is... Enya-ish. You get the idea.

Then try to find the words and see if you can work together to understand them!

A task for intrepid googlers!

Cubeecraft day

This is a little prep for parents who like making things with their kids (colour printer, scissors and patience required):


We're going to come back to the 'cubee' idea later for tomorrow's blog, but we promise it will be a lot easier!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Advent calendar plug...

The Leeds Charity Advent Calendar is now available from OK Comics, Waterstones, and other retail outlets in and around Leeds city centre!